All services from a single source

All services from a single source

ELMOBA GmbH specialises in professional cable installation in the industrial area. Furthermore, we construct the require routes for installing the cables and undertake the ready-for-use connection of the lines. In this way, you get all the work from a single source.

Our company is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 and SCCP regulations.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to our services in detail. Our expert staff are available to you for any further questions or individual advice.

Low/medium/high voltage

The professional installation of industrial cables is an elementary process in which material quality and precision work have priority. This requires careful and systematic planning. Our qualified staff use state-of-the-art, technically high-grade equipment which comply with the applicable safety regulations and quality standards.

These include:

  • Hydraulic cable winches with an electronic measuring device to adjust and record the tractive force, speed and length
  • Auxiliary cable winches with an electronic measuring device
  • Electric winches for the most different circumstances
  • Capstan winches which can be used in places with a lack of space due to their compact design.
  • Cable pushing devices for traction relief for difficult installation routes

Our own fleet of vehicles, including all-terrain Unimogs, makes it possible for us to transport the cables, most of which weigh several tons, and the technical equipment ourselves. Since our vehicles are fully fitted out, we can undertake even complex tasks at any time and carry them out within the specifications with high quality and to the satisfaction of our customers.

MSR (measurement, control, regulation)

So that you can operate your plants optimally, we also install MSR installation cables in the most different types of installation, such as route, trench, pipe. Our qualified staff have the necessary know-how to do this and can also carrry out complex installations.

The MSR cables are used in all kinds of industrial plants and refineries such as, for example:

  • Steel industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Power plant industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Food industry

  • Electrical substations

Electrical installation work

ELMOBA Kabelverlegung GmbH undertakes all electrical installation work of the cables installed in the area of low voltage, so that you can put your trust in one single reliable company from the planning up to the ready-for-use object. Qualified electricians, who will carry out the electrical installation in your firm with the aid of state-of-the-art equipment, are therefore also some of our most skilled employees.

Our range of services in the area of electrical installation work includes:

  • Electrical cabling in the area of low voltage

  • Installation of fire protection elements

  • Cable, respectively ISO inspections

Cable support systems

We not only install your cables in existing routes, but we are also your competent contact partner when it comes to creating new cable support systems.

Our know-how and the professional machines and devices we have at our disposal make it possible for us to realise cable support systems under a wide variety of conditions. We fulfil all requirements inside and outside of production sites, as well as underground and above-ground, in compliance with legal standards and specifications. In doing so, we also undertake the planning and conception of the support systems as well as the calculation of the optimal load distribution.

Cable blowing system for laying fibre optic cables

The blowing in of fibre optic cables (LWL), respectively light wave cables is also one of the specialist areas of ELMOBA Kabelverlegung GmbH.

Our special equipment, which operates with compressed air and which surrounds the individual cables and microtubes like an air pad, is used here. This makes it possible for us to carefully install the sensitive data cables without tractive force load, even with very long cable paths.

Our own trained teams install different types of fibre optic cables depending on the application area for telecommunication or information technology networks as well as for message transmission or for controlling complex electronic components. You can rely on high-quality and timely execution here.

Disassembly and disposal

We undertake the professional disassembly and subsequent disposal of old cables within the scope of your modernisation, renovation or demolition. Due to the preceding systematic planning, we can proceed here in an efficient and time-saving way. By doing so, we can work within the prescribed time limit and can adapt flexibly to your time schedule.

When it comes to disposal, we pay great attention to environmentally-conscious procedures. Whenever possible, old electric cables and electronic waste are sent for recycling. This helps to equally protect the environment and the raw material resources of our earth.

The experts at ELMOBA Kabelverlegung GmbH deal with the professional disassembly and the environmentally-friendly disposal of:

  • Old cables

  • Control cabinets

  • Cable routes

  • Electronic waste

Certified in:

  • Safety Management SCC

  • Qualification Management DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Über unsere Qualifikationen

Safety and quality

Two key pillars of our company policy. We made the decision early on to implement the internationally recognised industrial safety management system SCC – Safety Certificate Contractors – for an effective integration of occupational safety and health in our company structure and in our work processes.

Certified in

  • Safety Management SCC

  • Qualification Management DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

About our qualifications

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